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WebHostingPad has been providing reliable, fast and complete web hosting services since 2005. They cater to personal, small, medium and large sized businesses, and are committed to provide a safe, reliable and efficient method for creating an online presence. WebHostingPad strives to give its customers great value for money by offering services that customers actually need.

The company constantly upgrades its hardware and updates its software in order to ensure that it keeps up with the advancement of the hosting industry. WebHostingPad utilizes top of the line, brand name hardware and software – this guarantees that clients are provided with the fastest and most reliable hosting environment possible.

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WebHostingPad is reputed to provide the most affordable hosting services in the web hosting industry.

Webhostingpad.com strives to furnish clients with the greatest value in Internet hosting services. Since 2005, the company has been delivering exceptionally fast, dependable and wide-ranging facilities which resulted in the hosting of more than 150,000 domains.

WebHostingPad endeavours to make available web presence for groups or individuals who do not have the resources to acquire expensive hosting service. This does not mean that quality is compromised since the $1.99 monthly fee covers unrestricted hosting space, domain hosting, bandwidth, and email accounts. It also includes registration of domain name (free of charge); one-month money back guarantee; uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent; and, unrestrained parked or additional domains.

Upgraded Software and Hardware

This hosting company is consistently upgrading its hardware and software so it will conform to fresh technologies in the IT sector. Clients are assured of obtaining efficient software versions for their sites. You can look forward to variable and secure web infrastructure as well as high-tech data centers. Webhostingpad.com has engineered a backup system for database and email accounts. This will assure you that data loss is totally avoided. However, you need to get hold of the Webhostingpad.com coupon to enjoy the discount offered by the host.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting solutions are perfect for users who insist on cost-effective, customized configuration and variability of a completely dedicated service. It collaborated with VPSDepot.com to grant options at the most economical prices in the industry. Business and e-commerce sites which need more server resources than the shared hosting are benefitted by this scheme.

WebHostingPad has garnered several accolades for its thrusts to provide excellent service to all clients. This prominent web hosting entity also has this amazing software (Softaculous) which permits users to install software using one simple step. Any vendor can devise an installation package and make it available for all Softaculous installers globally. More so, this is not simply an auto installer. It is not limited to just one but multiple control panels for the benefit of customers. There are reviews and ratings for users to review the performance of this software.

Quality Equipment

The servers of this Internet hosting facility are branded and known for reliable performance. When you say 99.9 percent uptime, it indicates that the site is running for almost 100 percent of the time during the prescribed one-year duration.

A pro-rated credit is guaranteed by Webhostingpad.com if the server will not be available for the assured period in any given month of the year. There are no hidden costs compared to some web hosting firms which integrate unexplained fees to hosting accounts of end users. The price-lock warranty means that the company is not inclined to increase prices for services.

Customers, who are not contented with the services of Web Hosting Pad, have the prerogative to cancel their accounts. However, this should be within a month after the date of signing the agreement. The company’s in-house data hub is situated in Chicago, Illinois and boasts of one of the most modern and sophisticated solutions in the country.

  • Founded: 2005
  • Location: Illinois, USA (5005 Newport Drive Suite 503, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008)
  • Number of websites hosted: 150,000
  • Pricing starts from: $1.99 per month
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