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VPS.Net is a member of UK2 Group. The company believes that cloud hosting is the future which is why VPS.Net offers affordable VPS cloud hosting at a reasonable price. VPS cloud hosting with VPS.Net is easily scalable so customers will have no problem upgrading their account when their websites get more visitors or need more resources.

Additionally, the company’s VPS systems come with pre-installed software and customers don’t actually need technical expertise to get started. However, it is recommended that clients do brush up on basic Linux administration. On the other hand, those who do not have the time or knowledge can opt for the Managed Services plan in order to obtain help with the setting up and management of their VPS.

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VPS.Net is recognized in the UK, as well as worldwide, as the foremost provider of VPS cloud hosting services.

VPS.Net is a virtual private server cloud hosting service based in the UK. This provider has ably responded by fulfilling its commitment to provide cloud hosting for a multitude of users globally. In just two years, the company has set up 26 clouds in six urban centers all over the world with more than 40,000 Windows and Linux servers.

It aims to provide the greatest performance and speed for all of its clients. The cost for all locations is uniform so you can prepare and scale your enterprise as required without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Solutions for Clients

VPS.Net provides immediate variables in website hosting. It works together with Web Hosting Management Complete Solution (WHMCS) which is a prominent British billing and support solutions company. It markets cloud servers to users making use of a white label software program.

This is the leading program in the IT industry worldwide with more than 2.5 million licenses put on the market. These cloud servers are fitted with pre-configured operating system settings utilized to develop virtual machineries.

These reduce costs in setting up, configuring and maintaining cloud hosting expenses. There is no need to reboot. You can be spared of slow downtime and web sites. VPS Net’s cloud brain assigns the central processing unit and random access memory according to the needs of the cloud server.

At present, there are 15 locations for users’ cloud servers (Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and the United States).

Unique Hardware Product

The company has introduced a cloud-based infrastructure system in the market. It is different from the conventional form of hosting because if the hardware breaks down, the server will be out of the cloud and the site will be restored using new hardware. It is even possible to include and do away with accounts. You can also advance and downgrade your account as required for utmost flexibility.

Hosted applications enable you to fix all main open source applications under 15 minutes. You can use a control panel which permits users to select preferred applications and wait briefly for the computerized system to produce the application mass. There are unlimited applications for every package so you know the exact cost of this service.

The adaptable VPS cloud permits you to plan ahead especially if you are not really sure about the resources that the site requires. In other words, the VPS offers a simple solution to a convoluted issue. You have the prerogative to select a plain choice of small, medium and large bursts so the system can organize and configure itself without doubt.

The variable VPS is given resources without any downtime or reboot with the use of auto-scaling expertise. The server increases if you generate additional traffic without additional costs and unanticipated bills. VPS.Net employs the Ruby programming language which puts together PERL programming language and the Small Talk object-oriented language. This is ideal for expert and amateur programmers alike. It also uses Rails web framework which is based on standards instead of configuration.

  • Founded: 2009
  • Main Location: Utah, USA (164 N. Gateway Drive, UT 84332 USA)
  • Price starts: from $20/month
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