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WiredTree was founded in 2006. Since then, it has been consistently meeting its goal to provide superior web hosting services through excellent customer service, innovative network design, as well as cutting edge server hardware. The company offers Managed/Dedicated Server and Virtual Private Server Hosting services. WiredTree has used its experience and knowledge in the industry to achieve success in enhancing, as well as streamlining, customer support. In line with this, it assures clients that all support is provided by in-house experts.

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Editors WiredTree Review

WiredTree is an established provider of outstanding managed dedicated and VPS hosting services.

WiredTree has managed to establish a brand new standard for controlled and dedicated Virtual Private Server hosting. This service provider’s aim is to ensure that customers are afforded a hosting environment coupled with the following features:

  • Superior customer service
  • Original network design
  • Matchless suite of services
  • Updated technological advances in server hardware

WiredTree designed high tech internal support structures to handle client issues efficiently and guarantee quick resolution of issues. It built a new system to meet the company’s goal of enhancing and rationalizing support experience. Support is done in-house and never outsourced.

Superb Network Design

WiredTree came up with a network pattern that makes use of two rationally separated networks, public web network and private internal complex. This contemporary model of “network-within-a-network” facilitates the secure provision of an extensive collection of services which other providers cannot offer. This includes highly developed service monitoring and server performance metrics. It picked a central spot in Chicago for the datacenter and employs reliable and high performance bandwidth.

WiredTree ensures that the budding needs of the hosting industry are complied with through the utilization of the most modern server-grade hardware like the most recent dual-core processors, SATA II, IPMI 2.0, SA-SCSI, fully buffered memory and 1000Mbps Ethernet ports.

Exceptional Software Management

WiredTree extends absolute 24/7 phone and help desk support for 365 days. This is true for all software that is installed in your managed server to include the Operating System and control panel.

It is also meant for a variety of other commonly-used hosting software packages. The company also provides proactive security updates to make sure that your server is protected at all times. Monitoring is carried out as precautionary measure against possible down servers. It provides hardware management and server support which is supported by one of the industry’s best service level agreement.

In case of a possible component failure, service technicians of WiredTree will replace the components within an hour. Likewise, it provides a suite of tools in the client portal to give you complete control over the hardware in your server. It also guarantees network management.

Secured Networking Environment

The company has a secure and unfailing networking environment through careful network engineering. Network reliability is guaranteed by a 100 percent service level agreement. Each client is isolated to its own private Virtual Local Area Network for security.

The company owns and operates its own SAS 70 Type II Certified Data Center which is 162,000 square feet in size. WiredTree utilizes 2N and N+1 UPS battery power and 2N diesel generator backup power with 10,000 gallon diesel supply tank. In addition to the installed cooling and fire suppression systems, the company also employs 24/7 staffing and CCTV surveillance of its premises.

The whole network is also constantly monitored for performance. Clients can manage bandwidth usage, alerts, Internet Provider addresses, and Domain Name System servers.

The Server Shield Server Hardening package is a comprehensive set of services and tools meant to enhance the security, performance and reliability of your server. It includes an advanced firewall, e-mail anti-virus and anti-spam systems, HTTP disk operating system and intrusion protection, kernel, and file system hardening.

All Wired Tree accounts come with:

  • Complete Management: Software + Hardware + Network
  • 24/7/365 Toll-free Phone and Helpdesk Support
  • 24/7/365 Proactive Service Monitoring and Restoration
  • Server Shield Server Hardening and Optimization
  • Advanced metrics and reporting through Grove
  • Route-Optimized Public + Private Networks
  • Founded: 2006
  • Location: Illinois, USA (412 S. Wells St. Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60607)
  • Price starts: from $49 per month
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