5 Ways You Can Get Your Hosting Account Terminated

Written by: Hosting Coupons on September 20, 2014

If you have web hosting, you might not even realise it, but it can be incredibly easy to get your account terminated without you even realizing, so read through the following 5 main points to make sure you’re not potentially violating the terms of service your web hosting provider has set.

Here are just a few things your web host will likely not be too pleased about:

1. Illegal Content

This includes illegal pornography,

2. Copyrighted Content

If you’re hosting any content which has copyright, such as illegal movies, mp3 files, software, warez etc., your host will usually be forced to close your account. Since illegal software often uses up a large chunk of bandwidth, which has a cost to the hosting provider, this is an easy way to annoy a host.

3. Spam Content


4. Resource-intensive or Malicious Scripts

Some scripts are allowed, though you may find restrictions are much tighter on shared hosting accounts, since the actions of a single user can affect all of the users on the server.

Any malicious scripts, such as those created to send out junk email, viruses, malware etc will all be prohibited and your account will be terminated if any of these are found on your hosting account.

5. Hacking

Probably the most serious of these, hacking is definitely something you shouldn’t do – even on your own server.

If you’re found to be hacking, you should expect to have your account terminated immediately.

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