Is SSD Hosting worth it?

Written by: Hosting Coupons on June 8, 2014

Though most shared, reseller and VPS packages mostly still use traditional HDDs, dedicated server hosting is beginning to adopt SSDs. But is it really worth having an SSD on a server which is restricted by connection speed to the outside world?

With many typical broadband connections only reaching 10Mbps at best, do we really need an SSD which can offer up to 550Mbps read?

You’ll mainly notice a difference with I/O intensive applications and processes such as database queries etc.

Dedicated servers with SSDs are slightly more expensive than those with HDDs, but it is often worth it.

Although the speed of the drive is much faster compared to HDD, you are still restricted by the network speed, which is usually the main bottleneck.

Another thing to look out for is the brand of SSD offered, since reliability can vary quite a lot between brands.

AdvantagesSSD hosting

  • Faster read/write performance
  • Great performance increase for I/O intensive processes (such as database queries)


  • Usually higher cost
  • Less storage for more cost
  • Still restricted by network connection speed
  • Less likely to fail (usually!) [2 million vs 1.5 million MTBF]

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